A few weeks ago I made a blog post  about the documentary I will be working on this summer. I wrote about the project and what people could do to support it, including donating a little something on our Indiegogo-page. I made a kind of promise that If we made our goal, I’d get our logo tattooed. Now, some people turned that around and said that if I got the tattoo, they would donate. So, to prove how serious I am about this thing, I got some ink done!!
I’ve always wanted a tattoo but was never sure what to get, so this was the perfect opportunity for me. I would’ve liked it a bit smaller but because of the fine stripes bigger was better (it hurt though!). I love the result, it’s not 100% straight but it’s barely noticeable.


Apologies for the crappy phone picture, I’ll make a decent one soon!

Everyone who thought I wouldn’t stick to my part of the deal: HA!


If we make our goal, I’ll canoe my way home in august!

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