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I like birds

Please read that title in the style of the song by the Eels, as that is how I intended it. Thank you.
If you do not know the song, please¬†click here while feeling slightly ashamed you don’t know this lovely song.

When I woke up today the sky was bright and the sun was shining which is actually just nature tricking me into thinking it is not too cold to go outside. As usual, I fell for it and went outside and as usual I do not regret a thing! I had a good walk and found a nice spot with a bunch of bird feeders which came in handy for some nice bird shooting attempts.


(butnotreallyofcourse) (IloveanimalsIwouldneverhurtthem) (Idolikeshootinggunsthough) (butonlyatcansandbottles) (nobirds) (alsodidyounotreadthetitle?) (Ilikebirds) (brackets)

Nooooooo, I mean shooting pictures of course! You silly goose! AHAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, this is the result:







It is a bit of a challenge shooting birds with only 200mm. But you know, it’s not the focal length that matters, it’s what you do with it.
I would’ve stayed longer to try and get more and better pics but there will be other days (days where I remember to put on better socks ¬†and decent shoes and gloves and a scarf when planning to go stand in a bit of snow for an hour).