As some of you might now, I went to Brighton last weekend. As some of those some might know, I accidentally formatted a used CF card losing a days’ worth of filming and photography. I was SERIOUSLY upset and angry at myself for making such a dumb mistake.
(Though seriously, it was an easy mistake to make. I have 2 identical 8GB cards. I got the one that was full out of the camera, to switch it with the other one. Holding my camera I had only 1 hand to make the switch and I unknowingly put the same card back in. Since I always copy all my cards onto my computer  before I leave I just formatted the card, thinking they were older pictures that I had already copied. SO IT COULD’VE HAPPENED TO ANYONE YOU JUDGING JUDGERS. )
Anyway, lesson learned: never format CF cards, when they’re full just buy new ones.

Usually I can handle my own stupidity very well (I do dumb things on a regular basis so most of the times it’s just a case of sighing, slight cursing and watching people attempt to jump in their frozen swimming pool with their kid’s bike from a trampoline that’s up on a roof of a 5 storey-high building wearing nothing but the borat-swimsuit on the internet to make me feel better.) The reason I was really upset is because there were some nice shots on that card. Like really, National Geographic, Pulitzer Prize, International Photography Award winning stuff! Of course I have no proof so you’ll just have to believe my word for it.

As a tribute to the photos lost, here’s some pictures that survived the horrible format massacre (as in, they were on the other card) and that I kind of liked (or rather, didn’t hate):


The comforting and soothing glow of a Burger King still open late.









Bonus edited ninja-squirrel

Also, to anyone laughing at me (especially during me still being very upset) I wish you a not too bad but still mildly annoying allergy of some sort. I hope you get allergic to a specific kind of apples. You can just buy another kind of apple at the store so it’s not too bad but every now and then when you eat out they’ll be used in your meal, a salad or something and you’ll feel sick and sweaty and sad because you really wanted to eat dessert but now you just want to go home and wish you hadn’t laughed at me that time I formatted the CF card.


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