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Nerdalert: Lens talk (but also kitty cats and honeybees!)

( It’s SO hot. This weather doesn’t make sense, so neither will I probably. )

I may or may not have (I haven’t) mentioned that about a year ago my latest family member died. (Dear real family: I mean my Canon-family, please don’t get  upset. Though I’d understand if you got a little upset, it was a mighty fine lens after all.) During a wedding my beloved Magic Drainpipe just fell apart. Litterally. I was zooming and suddenly I couldn’t move it anymore, it just got stuck on something. Then I tried turning it the other way and the AF/M button just fell off and the insides fell out and it was just horrible. Tears have been cried, trauma has been had.

I did not have the need (=money) to buy another zoom/tele right away so I left it there. But in a couple of months (77 days to be exact) I will be leaving on a trip (more on that later) where I might encounter some dangerous wildlife and I figured taking close up pics of them and then threaten to tag them on Facebook was my best defense. Because I usually don’t use tele a lot, I don’t have a lot of money to spare and I want to keep everything as light as possible but I do want a decent amount of quality finding the right tele zoomlens was proving to be mission impossible (but with slightly less action and a lot less Cruise. I am working on an equally catchy theme song though.) Though after some crazy random events (I clicked the wrong button on a forum) I found this beauty:


It is the EF 50-200 3.5 – 4.5L lens. Born in 1988, and stopped borning in 1998. It is a push-pull lens, and one of the first EF-L lenses ever made. It is old so it does have a slow autofocus-mechanism, the pushpull is said to be a real dust-magnet and it doesn’t have the 2.8 my ex-tele had but it is a sharp lens, in good shape, very light and I got it for next to nothing. It is apparently also very rare which makes it even more lovable. There are a number of old EF-(L)lenses that are still high-quality and usually less than half the price of todays versions, the 80-200 2.8L is one of them, there’s also the 28-70 2.8L, the EF 35-135mm f3.5, and a couple more. If you want quality but are on a tight budget – these are your best bets.. If you can find them. Anyway, I could not be happier with this lens. It is all the things I was looking for + the bonus of being a golden oldie, which I love. It is definitely going to be a welcome companion on my trip.



As you can see it has a tiny crack in it but hey, chicks dig scars 🙂

To see if my new friend was up to the task, I took it to our very own nature reserve (=backyard) to test it on some local wildlife.


Apis Mellifera Omnomnomnomnicus


Gallus Domesticus Angrycus


Apis vs Flora


Cattus Jiminus


Papilio Coitus

It’s not 70-200 2.8 L IS quality but for less than 1/10th of the price it doesn’t need to be 🙂

Anyway, my fingers have melted together with my laptop which has melted together with my desk which has just spontaneously combusted so I guess I will end it here. Bye!