The No Body-Snark Diet (Barcelona Edition)

This is my ‘entry’ to the No Body-Snark Diet. One of my favorite bloggers posted *this* recently and her words could not be more true and recognizable. I’m not a fan of being too personal on here but people that know me well know that I have some weight/body issues. There are times when I love that big lump o’ flesh and stuff underneath my brains and see nothing wrong with it. But usually I’m just disappointed by how I look (I have fights with my clothes on a daily basis, usually they win.) I’m trying to change it but sometimes it doesn’t want to change and other times I don’t want to change. It’s an everlasting battle with myself and this post helped me realize to just stop for a sec and be happy with what I’ve got. In case you missed all the hidden links (yay, games!), more info *–>HERE<–*

This was taken in the wonderful Palau Guell, more pics ->here!<-


Barcelona Beach ‘Bandpic’

I love this pic but wasn’t going to post it because I hate how I look, or at least how my body looks. But hey, who cares?! (I do. A bit. Don’t tell anyone.)

This photo brings back great memories. I wasn’t going to post it though because I would’ve written some “Hey look at that great view, too bad that ass takes up half the space”- kinda comment. But(t) not anymore!
Look at that awesome view! And that awesome Vespa! And that awesome ass! (I might be taking this too far.)

So people, next time you hear me snarkin’, please remind me of this post. 🙂


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2 responses to “The No Body-Snark Diet (Barcelona Edition)”

  1. unbravegirl says :

    These photos are gorgeous — as are you! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge!

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