X-Games Barcelona

About a month ago I went to Barcelona to visit the Primavera Sound Festival (more on that in another post!). I was there a couple of days early because why not and the X-games happened to be at Barcelona that same week, lucky me! I got a ticket to the Moto-X speed & style and Skate Big Air finals. It was cool to see dem crazy kids flying around being all twisty and stuff (Michie Brusco even did a 1080! That’s VERY twisty!). I regret not going to see more things but all in all I had a great day!

There’s some random pics below, you can take a look at the whole set
-> here <-– (I will mention that because I was messing around with my little camera all day the batteries ran out just as the Big Air finals were about to begin – so lots of the photos are on film and some of them were underexposed or blurry. It was a real challenge shooting indoor action sports on film!)

X-001In case you missed what this blogpost was about. (it’s about fences wrapped in printed plastic with words on it)


Some locals showing off their twistiness.


I have no idea what the bright stripes are, I’m guessing its from scanning because I can’t really see it on the negative itself.


Superman (I think) and then INTO THE FIREPIT (that is totally a firepit and not an exposed border at the beginning of my film. Totally.)


This was shot on film! Be amazed (please).


Find the skater.

Bob Burnquist and some other kid that wasn’t in a Tony Hawk game.


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