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The No Body-Snark Diet (Barcelona Edition)

This is my ‘entry’ to the No Body-Snark Diet. One of my favorite bloggers posted *this* recently and her words could not be more true and recognizable. I’m not a fan of being too personal on here but people that know me well know that I have some weight/body issues. There are times when I love that big lump o’ flesh and stuff underneath my brains and see nothing wrong with it. But usually I’m just disappointed by how I look (I have fights with my clothes on a daily basis, usually they win.) I’m trying to change it but sometimes it doesn’t want to change and other times I don’t want to change. It’s an everlasting battle with myself and this post helped me realize to just stop for a sec and be happy with what I’ve got. In case you missed all the hidden links (yay, games!), more info *–>HERE<–*

This was taken in the wonderful Palau Guell, more pics ->here!<-


Barcelona Beach ‘Bandpic’

I love this pic but wasn’t going to post it because I hate how I look, or at least how my body looks. But hey, who cares?! (I do. A bit. Don’t tell anyone.)

This photo brings back great memories. I wasn’t going to post it though because I would’ve written some “Hey look at that great view, too bad that ass takes up half the space”- kinda comment. But(t) not anymore!
Look at that awesome view! And that awesome Vespa! And that awesome ass! (I might be taking this too far.)

So people, next time you hear me snarkin’, please remind me of this post. 🙂


Dos (Semanas) Barcelona!

I went to Barcelona for two weeks, enjoying Gaudi, La Rambla, X-Games, Primavera Sound Festival, Vespa’s, tapas and siesta time on the beach. Some of my favorite pics are below, you can watch the rest –>here<–


Sagrada playing hide and seek. Wasn’t very good at it, I must say.


I mean, seriously, who tries to hide behind a bubble?


Jesus (?) isn’t a real hide-and-seek-talent either. It’s almost like he’s not even trying.


Who needs books when you’ve got doors?


Plaça de Catalunya being all sunny.

Palau Guell. Nevermind the amazing architecture, materials, lighting techniques and overall geniusness, just look at that crazy carpet!


Palau Guell, where the rooftop is a mosaic dragontail with big beads and a weirdass pinecone tower.


Gaudi gave his neighbors quite the view, too bad they didn’t return the favor. I mean, not even a hint of dragon or pinecone.


The prettiest but also scariest piece of handrail I have ever seen.


Alleyway. (I let Captain Obvious comment on this one.)


Inside Casa Batllo. Can you see the water-inspiration? No?




Parc Guell Tourist. After waiting for A THOUSAND YEARS till no-one was in my shot I thought I should just make the best of it. And so I did. The lesson here is: Always walk in other people’s shots, you’re probably doing them a favor.


Parc Guell, where even the fence is fancy. Or should I say FENCY? GET IT?… I bet you laughed. (I know I did)


That’s alotta fish, or is it? (Yes it is.)


This is what science looks like. (Rainbows are sooo 2010)


Imagine: You just went to the bathroom in some random café during a big neighborhood party. You come back out and wonder why everyone is standing clear of the middle of the sidewalk. You hear some guy shout something in Catalan while you ease your way back to your friends. You smile and nod while you think about what he might have been shouting. Then suddenly FIRE AND EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE. You then realize you are standing in the middle of fireworks and the whole neighborhood thinks you’re an idiot. Thank god I had just gone to the bathroom (ifyaknowwhati’msayin’). At least I got a picture out of it, which is all that matters, isn’t it?


You can not have a holiday album/blogpost without a sunset!


It might not look like it, but this was INTENSE. (Spoiler: the old Spanish guy won.)


Primavera Sound Festival (In case you wanted to view the huge lack of grass from above.)


Forget sunsets, moonrises are the next big thing.


Some band with some people.


Picture by Carl! Head by Michiel!


When the lightning hits the ocean, why don’t all the fish die?


BCN_096Tibidabo Funtimes!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the set -> here! <-


X-Games Barcelona

About a month ago I went to Barcelona to visit the Primavera Sound Festival (more on that in another post!). I was there a couple of days early because why not and the X-games happened to be at Barcelona that same week, lucky me! I got a ticket to the Moto-X speed & style and Skate Big Air finals. It was cool to see dem crazy kids flying around being all twisty and stuff (Michie Brusco even did a 1080! That’s VERY twisty!). I regret not going to see more things but all in all I had a great day!

There’s some random pics below, you can take a look at the whole set
-> here <-– (I will mention that because I was messing around with my little camera all day the batteries ran out just as the Big Air finals were about to begin – so lots of the photos are on film and some of them were underexposed or blurry. It was a real challenge shooting indoor action sports on film!)

X-001In case you missed what this blogpost was about. (it’s about fences wrapped in printed plastic with words on it)


Some locals showing off their twistiness.


I have no idea what the bright stripes are, I’m guessing its from scanning because I can’t really see it on the negative itself.


Superman (I think) and then INTO THE FIREPIT (that is totally a firepit and not an exposed border at the beginning of my film. Totally.)


This was shot on film! Be amazed (please).


Find the skater.

Bob Burnquist and some other kid that wasn’t in a Tony Hawk game.