Just some pictures of my trip to the city of London to visit two of my favourite people in the world (Anna and Bill Bailey).

London_01TO THE BATMO… I mean TRAINS

London_02Shut up, tree. Don’t tell me what to do.

London_03It’s one of them towers. You know, those towers that are famous for .. eh.. towering.

London_04It might look new, but the Shard is actually 900 years old.

London_05View from the third floor of the building in which there is a room where it rains everywhere except on you and there is a 4-hour queue for it and there’s also a garden but it’s in the inside of the building and in the garden it doesn’t rain at all but still plants grow there.

London_06Isn’t it a beauty? (HEHEHE)

London_07Nicely lit alleyway

London_08An even nicelier littier alleywayer

London_09A museum….

London_10… in which they have a retro clock with my face on it! CRAZY HUH!

London_11Sir John Soane’s House. Creepy guy looking out window included for free.

London_12I don’t know. Make your own joke.

London_13The Royal Gardenshed

London_15Buckingham Ducks

London_16British love them arches

London_17View from bus

London_18View from boat


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6 responses to “Londinium”

  1. Wim Decuyper says :

    Very nice indeed

  2. Brecht says :

    Very nice work! And you’re a Bill Bailey fan? +1 !

  3. Annemie Deprost says :

    direct zin om er naar toe te gaan

    a en l

  4. The Big Boss of the 'The Daily Telegraph' says :

    Tally-Ho scallywag!

    Call me a naff tosser but I’m absolutely gobsmacked by your works.I was drinking some tea and munching on a biscuit whilst surfing on the internet.And I stumbled across this tidy,little blog of yours.Jesamine, you are the bee’s knees.I never met anyone in my entire carreer that could capture the mighty spirit of London so vividly.Bugger and blast!Jolly Cobtrotters!The Buckingham Ducks are genious, nobody wants to see a picture of that dreadful and dull Buckhingham Palace.But no, U chose the Buckingham Ducks instead, a daunting choice. I’m touched by your bravery.I’m chuffed to bits by these charming little feathered fellas swimming and splish splash sploshing and not giving a bloody damn about those Royal hobknockers.
    I’m going to make you a star.I will fire all my other photographers, them poxy wankstains.No I need only one and that will be you.

    Anyway my favourite show “Dad’s Army” is starting on me gogglebox.
    I’ll get back on you.


    The Big Boss of the ‘The Daily Telegraph’, but you can call me Maurice.

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