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Slick’s Pics

Last week I met up with Slick, a skate legend from Ghent. He agreed to be my victim as I practised some skate-photography. He was very patient and gave some good pointers and is just a really good skater (which makes my work a lot easier!). I had a great time and definitely want to do this again! Below are some of the results, feel free to comment! (The last ones are a bit retro-vintage-crazy-coloured-photoshop-style, as is the instagram-rage these days. Just trying to be part of the cool kids, you know. )


Barbie the Muscovy Duck

Today I went to the garden and there was a duck.

A perfect excuse to take some pictures (but then again, anything is.)


If you were paying attention you can see a bowl in the first picture. I put that there, next to some chicken-food. Because that’s what you do when you find an animal that is (not necessarily) hurt . You presume it’s going to die in the next 5 minutes if you don’t give it some improvised food and a bowl of water (or milk, depends on the animal.) Preferably you put them in a box as well, because that helps them heal faster and not at all makes them panic or scared. Animal resque 101

La Bella Stella

Here are some pictures I took of a lovely dog named Stella.