Snowboard Photography @ Avoriaz, France

First of all I want to say many thanks to Tom for organising the trip, driving, and doing an endless amount of tricks and making this possible!

So a while ago we went to Avoriaz in France for some snowboard photography. It wasn’t very easy and there were a lot of things to get used to (bright sun and reflection in the snow, the cold, working with both camera’s, limitation in locations, etc …).

I have learned a whole lot during this weekend. I do have to find the right balance between close-up/tele shots and wide-angle shots.. I was worried that I would be tempted to take all close-up shots (as usual) so I focused more on the wide-angle shots but looking back afterwards I miss some more tele / shallow DOF shots. Ah well, I’ll remember for next time.
I did pay attention to adding a background, a point of reference, which is very important from what I gathered when looking for information beforehand. I also tried playing with the sun in the shot and using extra light in some shots, but that needs some more practice. I will also have to remind to take at least 1 light stand with me, Speedlites are not made for lying in the snow!

I know I say this every post and not a lot of people take the effort, but I would REALLY APPRECIATE some COMMENTS on my IMAGES. This was a bigger project and it’s something I would love to do more in the future, so please tell me what you think, what pictures you like and which ones you don’t like.. Thank you very much in advance 🙂

Enough talking, here’s the pictures! 🙂 I know there’s a few, but I had a hard time selecting the pictures…



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4 responses to “Snowboard Photography @ Avoriaz, France”

  1. Maarten Jorens says :

    Mooi gedaan allemaal! Zeer goede reeks

  2. D says :

    kweet niet of ik helemaal akkoord ben met het faded-kleurkes effect maar zitten een paar serieuze kleppers tussen. Zult wel blij zijn geweest met uw 7D daarachter 🙂


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