Point-and-shoot music photography

Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it sounds (point and shoot). Even though I’m lucky to have a p&s that has decent image quality, it is NOTHING compared to a DSLR. I had to try and know in advance what the subjects were going to do to get a decent shot because the little thing wasn’t fast enough. I didn’t want to use a flash because I myself hate flashes at a show so it would be kind of hypocrite + it would just look awful. I tried to zoom in several times but just could not get a sharp image, even though my ISO was waaaay up high. Also, had a difficult time post processing because the bright lights/colours would just mess everything up – even when shooting in Raw. On a positive note though, I did get several wide-angle shots this time, so I kind of took into practice what I’ve learned previous time.
Even though it wasn’t easy, I do think I have at least a couple of decent shots. I did have a difficult time selecting though, so it’s another massive gallery. Sorry for that. Feel free to let me know which one you like best (and which ones you don’t like at all)

The show itself was awesome. First up was Nina Nesbitt. An amazing looking girl with an amazing voice (and amazing legs *jealous*). Second on the stage was Mike Rosenberg aka Passenger. Loved him, very funny guy with lovely songs and a real passion for his music. Last but not least was Ed Sheeran ofcourse. Changed alot since I saw him perform on tour with Just Jack. A lot more confident and letting the crowd ‘in’. All in all an amazing evening!

Also a big thank you to Sanne who made sure I had a great spot in front of the stage!

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One response to “Point-and-shoot music photography”

  1. Sanne Bareman says :

    Amai! Zotte foto’s 🙂

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