Snowboard Photography Practise

A few weeks ago I went to an indoor ski slope (Ice Mountain) with Tom (snowboarder) to test my new camera (7D). I also brought my flash and wireless flash transmitter (Cactus V4). Too bad the transmitters don’t work on my 7D (they might with some decent configuration, but they didn’t at the time, which sucked) so I used my old camera (5D). I don’t know if it was the cold or something, but they didn’t work properly at all, which was a shame because I missed some nice shots (I think). But in the end still managed to get some okay pictures with and without flash and learned a lot for next time (one of them: buy shit that works! :p)

Besides, in 2 weeks we’re going to try again, on some real mountains! I bought some Phottix Strato wireless transmitters which I hope will work flawlessly. I also bought an extra flash so I have some more room to play around with the light. I’m very excited be sure to post the result here!

If anyone knows some nice snowboard-photography websites/magazines be sure to share them, I am filling myself up with inspiration. 🙂

Anyway, pics!

Thanks to Tom for snowboarding his ass off for me and arranging a shoot in some real snow!


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One response to “Snowboard Photography Practise”

  1. Maarten Jorens says :

    Dit komt misschien een beetje te laat. Maar Freeze is goed magazine om eens in te kijken. Het is een Snow-Skate-Surf magazine, maar in de wintermaanden zijn het voornamelijk snowboard foto’s die er in staan. Daar valt veel uit te leren 😀

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