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You are only allowed to read this post if you have solved the riddle. Ofcourse though, chances are that if you cannot solve this riddle, you cannot read either.
(I wanted to make a long hard riddle, but I’m not that smart so I just made it long.)

Due to lack of time, inspiration, a decent camera and a case of overall photographic laziness (lazyness?.. Laziness) I haven’t taken a single picture this year. With the exception of last weekend when we (my family) went to France. I shot 3 rolls of film (on my brandnew secondhand Canon A1!!!) but they aren’t developed enough to show here (little photography joke there for ya.) So in meantime here’s some pictures I made with my S95 compact camera.

1: Tilt-shift effect (don’t know what happened to the bottom, might re-upload it later)
2. Mother and dogther (Yes (DAD!) I know it’s spelled daughter, but it’s a dog, so dogther. Get it?)
3. House and rocks from one side
4. House and rocks from the other side

Thank you for watching, commenting (hint) and I wish all of my viewers (yes, both of them) a very happy 2012!