Kodak T-Max 400 vs Canon A1

Recently I took 2 films that had been laying around to be developed, it was a big surprise when one of them contained pictures of more than 2 years ago!  It’s a good kind of surprise, one you only get when working with film (or when you find a CF-card you had lost for 2 years but thats’ slightly less romantic). Another thing about working with this combo is that my A1 tends to double expose random parts of the film, which can lead to unexpected and nice results.

My favourite, taken in august 2009


Nottingham – Old Market Square in 2009

(Not sure what happened, I think I might’ve taken this from inside the tram or it could be a double exposure)

Nottingham Old Market Square in 2011

Wollaton Park & Hall

Wollaton Park

Now, the next picture in itself isn’t special. It’s at Pukkelpop camping, minutes after the big storm hit. But it is kinda special if you think that just before I took this picture, I had to pour out my camera, because it was filled with water because of the storm. I think it’s amazing the camera still works (well, it kind of does, more info later). You wouldn’t want to try that with any of todays camera’s 🙂

Now, this last picture is actually I think 5-10 pictures exposed on a single frame.  I took these in Ghent. This was about a month after the water-incident. I don’t know if the water affected my camera/the film in a way it won’t forward to the next frame or it is just a bad case of random not forwarding like the camera always had. I took a cheap film to test it, so we’ll see when that’s developed.. Anyway, I kind of like the result, although I think there were some nice shots in there so that’s a bit of a shame..  That’s film for ya I guess!


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