I was once a photographer…

Some I’m-on-a-train-and-only-have-my-camera-with-me-so-I’ll-mess-around-a-bit-with-it-pictures with some I’m-on-my-computer-anyway-so-I’ll-photoshop-them-a-bit-photoshop.

I should really try to take photography seriously again… This is just ridiculous!

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2 responses to “I was once a photographer…”

  1. mukteshjb says :

    Sometimes messing around with rules and the systems gets the best out of you .Sometimes You have to anti-establishment .Nice pics!!!! 🙂

  2. timfreh says :

    Mooie toning. Ik hou wel van dat donkere tintje. Sowieso de hele stijl waarmee je werkt. Geeft me toch een soort van voldoening dat niet iedereen de wereld mooi en rozig ziet.

    M’n complimenten!

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