F1 + Rain + SPA = Magic!

OR F1 + Rain + SPA = Cold! (Even if you put on (nearly) all the clothes you had brought for the weekend.)
The last weekend of august a part of our family went to Francorchamps. An even smaller part (my uncle, father, father’s friend, two brothers and me) went to see the F1 Belgian Grand prix. As is tradition in Spa it was cold and wet, nonetheless I had a fantastic time and it was a great race. Go Massa! (For those who care: Hamilton won, Webber 2nd, and Kubica nicely 3rd)

View on the circuit (start)




Cloudy again

No, wait, sunshine!

Regular readers that pay attention will recognise this umbrella!

Umbrella didn’t lie

Waiting for daddy to drive us home

After we left it only took us about 2 hours to get to the exit of the car park(field), about 500m further.


Enjoy, hate, comment, don’t comment, do whatever you like! (But please comment.)


Ps: Title is a quote from Thomas De Bruyne, I’m sure he won’t mind..
And If he does, here’s some advertising for him to make up!: http://www.cafeine.be

Ps2: if you want to know where exactly we sat, put in these coördinates in google maps 50.433465, 5.973253


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10 responses to “F1 + Rain + SPA = Magic!”

  1. marlies says :

    mooie foto’s, zus.
    Sander zijn pet is de max 🙂

  2. van steenbrugge koen says :


    nen dikke proficiat met hetgeen dat ge hier verwezelijkt hebt.

    tis echt de max…


  3. Gaetan Dekostere says :

    Sjeune bolides! Hebde de race zelf ook? Anders kan ik em nog es geven, ‘k heb em staan van de BBC…

  4. jurgen says :

    I looooooove the umbrella!

    Did your shoes get wet this time too?

  5. papa says :

    Heb ze nu nog eens herbekeken en ik verlang al naar volgend jaar.

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