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I was once a photographer…

Some I’m-on-a-train-and-only-have-my-camera-with-me-so-I’ll-mess-around-a-bit-with-it-pictures with some I’m-on-my-computer-anyway-so-I’ll-photoshop-them-a-bit-photoshop.

I should really try to take photography seriously again… This is just ridiculous!


Sibling Traces

Since this week, there’s a new, rather large, object present on our driveway. It appears to be a caravan.. Or trailer.. trailerwagon… Whatever the right English word for it is. It’s an old one, from 83 if I remember correctly. Old-fashioned design, needs lots of retouching, has a lampshade lying on the bed and it’s there for no apparent reason. Other people might find that strange, but not us. You see, I have this brother (well 2 actually, talking about my big brother in this case). He has these crazy ideas sometimes, and we all get to ‘enjoy’ when he gets to execute them. This caravan (trailer, whatever!)(named Bettie btw) is just one of them.

I’m guessing he’ll make something pretty cool out of it though, I’ll post pics when he gets that far, I’m sure he won’t mind.

To give you another example:

We’ve got these giant comic book figures on the wall of our…. I’m going to call it garden shed.
I can’t really remember how they got there, but I am sure big brother has got something to do with it.

But the best example is our backyard.. Well.. Backbeach. Yep, while other families have a beautiful green backyard with some flowers on the side we’ve got this giant sandbox. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad.. Very low maintenance, great for playing volleyball and stuff, but it does make for an occasional “Wow, your backyard is full of sand” (I’m glad people remind me from time to time, I might forget.)

If you want to know, I don’t really mind his crazy ideas. Even though he doesn’t really live here anymore he makes our lives a little more interesting ­čÖé

(I know this is supposed to be a photography-blog, and the pictures in this post aren’t exactly wonderful photographic material.. But I just don’t care!)

F1 + Rain + SPA = Magic!

OR F1 + Rain + SPA = Cold! (Even if you put on (nearly) all the clothes you had brought for the weekend.)
The last weekend of august a part of our family went to Francorchamps. An even smaller part (my uncle, father, father’s friend, two brothers and me) went to see the F1 Belgian Grand prix. As is tradition in Spa it was cold and wet, nonetheless I had a fantastic time and it was a great race. Go Massa! (For those who care: Hamilton won, Webber 2nd, and Kubica nicely 3rd)

View on the circuit (start)




Cloudy again

No, wait, sunshine!

Regular readers that pay attention will recognise this umbrella!

Umbrella didn’t lie

Waiting for daddy to drive us home

After we left it only took us about 2 hours to get to the exit of the car park(field), about 500m further.


Enjoy, hate, comment, don’t comment, do whatever you like! (But please comment.)


Ps: Title is a quote from Thomas De Bruyne, I’m sure he won’t mind..
And If he does, here’s some advertising for him to make up!:

Ps2: if you want to know where exactly we sat, put in these co├Ârdinates in google maps 50.433465, 5.973253