War and rememberance

Saturday me and my dad went on a trip to the ‘westhoek’ with the War and rememberance-crew. We went to visit some forgotten sites from the first world war. Here’s some pics   : )

Oh yeah, I know there’s a lot of pictures with crosses, that’s because we saw alot of crosses …
I couldn’t choose so let me know which one(s) you like.

Until another (hopefully cooler) day



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10 responses to “War and rememberance”

  1. Teja says :

    4 & 7 -mooiste kruiskes
    mooie dingskes poepie!

    • mukteshjb says :

      I liked the first pic i.e the pic showing the arches of the church …and the 7th pic of the crosses …after the lion …the pic expresses some kind of sad silence!!!…the history of this place

  2. annemie says :

    zeer mooie foto’s!
    we zouden er geen kunnen uitkiezen…een lichte voorkeur voor de kerken (eerste foto’s) en de prachtige bomen.

    tante m en nonkel l

  3. Karim says :

    knappe reeks

  4. c13 says :

    Well… i realy like “Across the field N°5”.
    It’s has a grimey feel to it, which i like.

    keep up the good work.


  5. jasmijndecuyper says :

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!

  6. Steven St.Thomas says :

    I love this whole set of photographs

  7. You can doubt on that, Stranger. says :

    Naughty Girl
    I knew it
    You take good pics !

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