When there’s smoke…

You might have noticed my days of summer-project is on hold. I’ve been making the pictures but I was too lazy to post them. I think from now on I’ll only post the most interesting ones.Here’s one more for the road:

(the gray frame isn’t supposed to be there, I was too lazy to jpg the pictures so I just printscreened them from Bridge)

In meantime we left to spend a week in the Netherlands on holiday.  This is the first sight we saw:

Later we found out 150 ha of land was burnt away. So, we’re off to a good start!

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6 responses to “When there’s smoke…”

  1. mukteshjb says :

    what kind of plant is it ??the texture on the flower’s petals make the photos interesting!!!!

  2. Jolien says :

    Ik hou van de klaprozen.

  3. Teja says :

    lovvin’ the flowery stuff!!!

  4. jasmijndecuyper says :

    Merci Jolien en Tejaaat!

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