Second blogpost on request!

So, what do two just-graduated girls do their first day as professional photographers? They do what every average Belgian does. They go celebrate by going to a place with lots of sand and lying in it next to a huge puddle of water. And it was fun!

At first, the sun wouldn’t show up…

And we were sad 😦

While we were waiting for the sun to come, we had some GOOD food…

When the sun finally arrived we threw ourselves on the beach and started stripping.. Duh.

After that, time for good food again!

This is a picture of our reflection in my sunglasses.
That didn’t work so well, so we tried something else.

…..    That also didn’t work too well (sneezing does not make for an elegant picture, and me.. Well I’m just never elegant)
But 3rd time’s a charm!

After that, I went for a walk in the water.

The sand-fartin’ sissy was too afraaaidd! So she just stood there bein’ all pretty ‘n stuff.

…. This is my shadow.

And this is the view that sandfarter missed!

It was time to get back. We went to the tramstop but had lots of time on our hands so we stared at fake stones. Also one of our favorite hobby’s.

HAHA. Look at all the funny fruits on the tram! They’re fruits. And they’re funny.

Maybe sneezy over here didn’t find them that funny…

Before we left the train, some vital advertising.

So there we are, back in Courtrai city!

And this is a girl with a giant hand waiting for her mom who’s waiting for her on the other side of the station. Good job!



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6 responses to “Second blogpost on request!”

  1. LAura says :

    Maaah, zo leuuuk ! You girls are great !

  2. Teja says :

    Jasminder, it was worth the wait !!
    oew yeah…

    linking it!!!!
    LOVING it!

  3. Robert says :

    I actually love the reflection-in-sunglasses shot.

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