Project: Days of summer

Hello all!
I am excited to inform you that this is my first blog post as a Bachelor in audiovisual techniques – photography. In other words, I graduated today and am now officially a photographer. YAY!

That’s not all that went on today, as some of you might know, summer started (at 1.28PM Belgian time to be precise). I’m using this day for a little project I thought of a few weeks ago. Every sunny day between 21st of June and the 23rd of September  (or summer as we like to call it sometimes) I am going to go outside (and take pictures of course) and will  post a sunny picture of that day. By the end of summer I will make a little booklet that will be called  “???(number of sunny days) Days of Summer” (yes, based on the movie title) that will hopefully keep me warm during wintertime. At least that’s the plan so far. I’m not sure how this will go but there’s only one way to find out!

So here it goes:

1 Day of Summer:

Ps: If anyone has any cool ideas I could add to this project please share. Maybe  the sun should be visible in every picture.. Or maybe I could make something about rainy days as well..  I don’t know, but if you do let me know!!

A happy Djesmin.


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3 responses to “Project: Days of summer”

  1. Robert says :

    Gefeliciteerd! Geslaagde fotografe, in beide betekenissen van het woord.

  2. Teja says :

    like it! nu de rest nog!!!

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