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5 days of summer…

Just the picture. More words soon.


4 days of summer…

I know it looks like I skipped one, but my 3rd day of summer is actually on film, so be patient!

I know it’s a sunset, I know it’s been done a gazillion times before, but I still love it and it’s still soooooooooo pretty!

2 days of summer…

Besides my little story in the previous post today was also the second day of summer. Sun included! Yay! For my little project I selected 2 pictures of today, but I couldn’t choose. The first one is very summery.. But the second one is more pretty, don’tchathink? Please, tell me what you think!
K thx bye.



Did anyone notice I’m loving 17mm btw?

Second blogpost on request!

So, what do two just-graduated girls do their first day as professional photographers? They do what every average Belgian does. They go celebrate by going to a place with lots of sand and lying in it next to a huge puddle of water. And it was fun!

At first, the sun wouldn’t show up…

And we were sad 😦

While we were waiting for the sun to come, we had some GOOD food…

When the sun finally arrived we threw ourselves on the beach and started stripping.. Duh.

After that, time for good food again!

This is a picture of our reflection in my sunglasses.
That didn’t work so well, so we tried something else.

…..    That also didn’t work too well (sneezing does not make for an elegant picture, and me.. Well I’m just never elegant)
But 3rd time’s a charm!

After that, I went for a walk in the water.

The sand-fartin’ sissy was too afraaaidd! So she just stood there bein’ all pretty ‘n stuff.

…. This is my shadow.

And this is the view that sandfarter missed!

It was time to get back. We went to the tramstop but had lots of time on our hands so we stared at fake stones. Also one of our favorite hobby’s.

HAHA. Look at all the funny fruits on the tram! They’re fruits. And they’re funny.

Maybe sneezy over here didn’t find them that funny…

Before we left the train, some vital advertising.

So there we are, back in Courtrai city!

And this is a girl with a giant hand waiting for her mom who’s waiting for her on the other side of the station. Good job!


Project: Days of summer

Hello all!
I am excited to inform you that this is my first blog post as a Bachelor in audiovisual techniques – photography. In other words, I graduated today and am now officially a photographer. YAY!

That’s not all that went on today, as some of you might know, summer started (at 1.28PM Belgian time to be precise). I’m using this day for a little project I thought of a few weeks ago. Every sunny day between 21st of June and the 23rd of September  (or summer as we like to call it sometimes) I am going to go outside (and take pictures of course) and will  post a sunny picture of that day. By the end of summer I will make a little booklet that will be called  “???(number of sunny days) Days of Summer” (yes, based on the movie title) that will hopefully keep me warm during wintertime. At least that’s the plan so far. I’m not sure how this will go but there’s only one way to find out!

So here it goes:

1 Day of Summer:

Ps: If anyone has any cool ideas I could add to this project please share. Maybe  the sun should be visible in every picture.. Or maybe I could make something about rainy days as well..  I don’t know, but if you do let me know!!

A happy Djesmin.

In Bruges…

Yes, I have a whole lot of dust on my sensor. If you intend to comment about it you might as well come over and clean it for me… Please?

Blogpost on request

For Tejaat-Tomaat

*All the pics that won’t make it in my next blogpost*