Putting things in a different perspective

Summer. Where else can you enjoy it better than on a little bench in the middle of nature. Green grass, blue skies, colourful flowers. A light breeze to cool you down to just the right temperature. No smell but the smell of a nice barbeque not too far away. No sound but the singing of the birds. You see a little bunny hopping happily after its mom, and you think oh, isn’t life great?


Then you realise the bench you’re sitting on is between 3 bushes, in the middle of a 5-road cross-section. It’s not summer. It’s only spring, it’s 7 in the morning and fucking freezing. Green grass, blue skies and colourful flowers are nowhere to be seen because you’re in the middle of the road. The only thing you smell are rotten hamburgers, half-empty cans of cheap beer and pee. The sound you’re hearing is the sound of thousands of cars passing you by staring at you, taking their children to school while they live 2 streets away and the only animals you see are roadkill. Isn’t life great?

(It wasn’t that bad, really. I’m just overreacting because it was early and cold.)
These pictures were made for the project I’m working on. I especially like the first one, the second one is only to show the location.


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2 responses to “Putting things in a different perspective”

  1. annemie says :

    life is great today!!
    zeer mooi

  2. Gaetan Dekostere says :

    De bovensten is m’n favo, ‘k krijgt zo’n aangenaam gevoel van dimensie…

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