MacBook Pro

This week I was forced..ordered..asked by my boss (he isn’t really but I like to call him that) to make some pictures of stuff he’s going to sell. It took me a while to get back in to studio-shape and the fact that all of his stuff was Nikon didn’t actually help.. On the contrary! Anyway, in the end I got to make some pictures of a MacBook Pro he’s probably selling as well, and the fact that Mac is a brand I can actually stand working with must’ve helped cause I made some pics I really like..  If you don’t mind I’d like to share these with you and get to know what you think…

(I don’t really have any issues against Nikon or people who work with Nikon – they’re actually very brave willing to work with that stuff!)

(And look at all the advertising I did for Nikon! Time to make up to Canon – Canon, Canon, Canon, Canon, CANON)


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10 responses to “MacBook Pro”

  1. Piet says :

    Great pics. If ever I have some Nikon stuff to sell, I’ll contact you!

  2. Gaetan Dekostere says :

    Heel mooi… ‘t Doe mij ook studio willen proberen… 🙂

  3. jurgen says :

    Wauw, great pics Jasmijn! I’m interested in the macbookpro, do you have the guy’s address?
    Pitty you had to shoot Nikon equipment though. Are you sure you want to keep working for that fellow?

  4. Thomas Vanhaute says :

    Mooi, Jasmijn! Wist niet dat je een blog had 🙂

    • jasmijndecuyper says :

      Merci! Jep, begonnen als probeerseltje, we zullen zien where this goes :p Bedankt voor de foto’s van woensdag, zien er schoon uit, met flare enal! 😉

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