1st-4th of March – Architecture in Antwerp (MAS)

Hello dear readers (assuming there’s more than 1)
I haven’t been forgetting about this blog! Just been plain lazy. And I’m also VERY tired right now so don’t expect too much from me (not that you would expect anything above average from me anyway). I’m not going to put in pictures by date. That would be useless since they’re all from today anyway. For me putting up more than 4 pictures compensates for the days I forgot (=too lazy to bother) 🙂
They are pictures I took while being on work experience with Jurgen again. We went to MAS in Antwerp, a new museum that’s still under construction. I would love to go there when it’s finished for some interior architectural shots, very interesting building. And damn it what a nice view! I’m sure Jurgen agrees since we almost had to drag him off the roof 😉 . I made a panorama but still have to stitch it together, maybe tomorrow.
Enjoy (or not.)

Mas Inside

MAS Inside - My favo of the day

MAS Under Construction

MAS Under Construction



Some pictures of wavy windows

Wavy window 2

Wavy window 1

Wavy window 3

Wavy window 2

Wavy window 4

Wavy window 3

And some pics of Jürgen in action again

Too high

Too high

Way too high

WAY too high

Too high but what a nice view

Too high but what a nice view

Stop or he'll shoot!

Glad to be back


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10 responses to “1st-4th of March – Architecture in Antwerp (MAS)”

  1. Gaetan Dekostere says :

    ‘t Zitten een paar in orde platen bij…

  2. Pseynaeve says :

    Van die tegels gaan ze later toch nog spijt krijgen denk ik…

  3. Ruben Joye says :

    Tof dat je bent binnengeraakt, ik had enkele maanden terug minder geluk (er was een rondleiding op de werf maar je moest inschrijven…)

    • jasmijndecuyper says :

      Ah, zijn ze daar zo streng op? Ja ‘k heb wel geluk gehad, nog een van die toffe dingen aan stage 🙂 ‘k Had er eigenlijk nog niet van gehoord voorda’k er naartoe ging, maar wel blij dat ik ‘s binnen mocht (en erop) 🙂

  4. jürgen Doom says :

    it looks impressive nonetheless!

  5. T. Lucia says :

    Den eersten is inderdaad den besten. Welk museum wordt dat eigenlijk het MAS?

  6. jasmijndecuyper says :

    Een met kunst derin! Nee, kweet eigenlijk ni goe.. ‘k Weet da MAS sta voor Museum Aan de Stroom..


    Voila se, daar zal het wel op staan denkik 🙂

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