Friday 26th/Saturday 27th/Sunday 28th February – Random Photography

Yes, yes I know
My everyday-plan is not working out so well.. 2 days behind isn’t that bad. And, I posted multiple pictures in my previous posts so that gives me a bit of an excuse. Besides, it’s not like I’M GETTING ANY COMMENTS HERE so why should I bother? Puh.. Anyway, here are 3 random pictures…

Starting with this lovely cute tomato. This is an oldie! From way back when my desk-lamp combined with a piece of printer paper glued to my wall was the closest thing possible to a studio. Good times, I never got bored!



The second one was one I made on saturday. We have a new little birdie called Notts! I quickly made picture of him for this blog. I promise I’m going to take this more seriously.. Soon..



This last one is one I made for an assignment called Luxury. But I grew sick of it really fast, and am thinking of something else to do instead. I’d love to hear some people’s opinions about it…



That’s all! Tomorrow I’ll be back on track.

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4 responses to “Friday 26th/Saturday 27th/Sunday 28th February – Random Photography”

  1. jürgen Doom says :

    get your blog out there, connect with other bloggers, make links, advertise on facebook every time you blog … and traffic will increase … but please keep up the blog!

  2. Jonathan says :

    Ahaaaaahhhh Tomato!

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