Wednesday 24th of February

Hi again!
Yay for me keeping this up! (I know it’s only day 2 – shush). I have made a picture today! It’s not special, it’s not great.. But I’m going to show it anyway, otherwise this thing fails at day 2 and that would be really.. REALLY sad. OK here it is!:



As you can see, still messing around with colours. It’s this colour-led thingy I got from my better half. The lights are originally blue but I decided to put this yellowish-pinkish-purpelish colour in it. It makes it pretty ^^
For those interested: Canon EOS 5D (That seriously needs a clean, anyone know a good place? Say, near Ghent or something? – I’m too big of a wuss and too clumsy to do it myself…) and a Canon EF 100 mm 2.8..

Yep, that was it. I’ll be back!!… Tomorrow.


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2 responses to “Wednesday 24th of February”

  1. Gaetan Dekostere says :

    Great to see it from this different perspective. 🙂

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