The Beginning…

Hi, hello, bonjour.

This is my new blog! Yay! I’m not sure why I’m making this but I felt like it and there’s nothing stopping me so here it is! I’m not quite the witty talker so if you’re here for long intresting and funny stories you’d better go somewhere else I’m afraid. I’m not expecting a huge amount of friend, followers, readers, or whatever they’re called, I’m doing this for me. This blog will be a photo-blog and I’m going to try and upload a picture (or several pictures, depends) everyday, for a year. This is/was a popular thing on Flickr and now I’m doing it myself! Yay again! And again, I’m not sure why. I just turned 21 and I’m in my last year of photography, and I’m hoping this will motivate me to do photography everyday, try new things, experiment, and so on. And if everything goes well maybe I can even get some comments of people, telling me it’s very nice, it’s very crap or it’s inbetween those two. Hopefully I can look back in one year and see what I’ve accomplished. Or yeah, I don’t know… We’ll see how this goes.. Thanks for taking a look anyway!


These pictures are for the 19th of Feb (my birthday), the 20, 21st and 22nd. This is because I wanted to start on my birthday, but I was away and had no access to the internet.

Pictureset 1 (19feb) and 2 (20feb):
The last weekend of January, just 2 weeks before my Erasmus-project in Nottingham came to an end I went to Schotland. Edinburgh to be precise. I took pictures in the train from and to Edinburgh and in the City itself ofcourse. Most of them are experimental colour-wise.

1.Views of Edinburgh:  On the train.

Landscape from train

Landscape from train to Nottingham

Landscape from train

Landscape from train to Edinburgh

A picture with a view of a woman picturing the view

A picture with a view of a woman picturing the view

2.Views of Edinburgh:  In the city.

Edinburgh church

A church in Edinburgh

Holyrood Palace Edinburgh

Holyrood Palace Edinburgh

Arthur's Seat

Arthur's Seat - Next to Holyrood Palace

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Photographer on Calton Hill

Photographer on Calton Hill (4x5")

Picture 3 (21st of Feb)

One of the last evenings in Denison Court the power went out. And in the nextdoorneighboursapartments (that’s a word) as well. So, time to make a picture!

Denison Court

Denison Court - power out!

Picture 4: Durbuy
For my birthday (and just for fun) our family went to Durbuy for a weekend. It was tons of fun! Especially saturdaynight, we played this guessing-game that was hilarious 🙂 Thank you family!





Durbuy Fish

Durbuy Fish

View on Durbuy

View on Durbuy

That’s all folks!


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